China – Enabling the framework for sustainable solutions 

The EU’s ‘Green Deal’ includes a package of investments, legislation and strategies to enable carbon neutrality by 2050 and cut carbon emissions by 55% as early as 2030 – we are not on track.

Circular Economy – We can provide all the funding for Tidal Lagoons, Wind Farms, Solar Farms, Waste plants, Solar PV for Residential Housing for the UK and Agri-Tech solution such as “Harvesting the sun twice” Solar PV with food production for Africa in such projects as the Central Tanzania Corridor

Lifting people out of Fuel Poverty & Revenue generation

Waste Recycling Plants & Energy Gasification Plants

Enjoy the best Recycling and Gasification combined together

Low Carbon footprint &
Revenue generation for Councils 

Social Governance and ownership of Resources to provide much needed low-cost energy for residents

Enjoy the best design and function Solar Farms for Council Ownership

Each Council should own their own Resources, many are Free such as Solar radiation, water and wind power and get additional revenues. We will work with each Government & Council in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, India and the Whole World to ensure funding is available for solar farm development and ownership.

We monitor all emission, Policies & Strategies

We monitor Global data and Policies together with strategies and recommend Environmental Management Software
Circular Economy Transition
Residential Solar PV installation and funding


Environmental Management System software.

Energy & Waste Policy & Strategy formulation

Circular Economic models

We are transitioning six African countries into the Circular Economy

Lifting people out of Fuel Poverty

Provision of total funding for a Council’s Housing stock to have Solar PV installed.

The secret of success

Demand change – do not take no as an answer to this Climate Change problem – contact as many people as possible and assist organisational change.

Knowledge transfer and provide assistance for change.

Environmental Governance

Funding for a Sustainable 

$ Billions USD available via China Ventures